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We help larger organisations innovate and design with the dynamics of a small company – and we help small companies do the same to get big. Our experience with both kinds of clients makes us confident that we create innovative products that truly fit people’s lives.

Take a peek at our cases or contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you more about us.

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Martin Willers & Per Brickstad People People

Here is a link to an interview with our Martin Willers by The Blueprint where he talks about technology that fit peoples lives and other interesting topics.

Miele as new client - people people
We are happy to announce Miele as a Client. Most welcome!

People People have recently helped Stockholm based startup Shortcut Labs with their awesome first product called Flic. It’s basically a Bluetooth® connected button that can perform any function you like from your smartphone. Read about it here.

How can People People help the Swedish Industry Sector? The magazine: interviewed Johan Frössén for to find out how People People can create value. Here’s a link to the article. The article is in swedish unfortunately but google translate might do the trick.

We’re happy that Wired place us as one of Europe’s hottest startups in 2014. We look forward to prove them right even during the rest of the year. We look forward to work with exiting clients we innovate and design for, we look forward to invent and design new products for our production branch – it’s all very exiting. If you feel like we can help you with anything you are more than welcome to contact us.

Happy continuation of 2014!

Here’s the link to the wired article

S.Growth Accelerator People People
People People are advisors in the accelerator program S.Growth Accelerator. Start Up Companies get help with not only funding but also with coaching and advice from experts. Read more