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4 key questions for designing breakthrough products

4 key questions for designing breakthrough products

Here are some of the questions we feel create most pain in producing companies today. Most of our time goes to finding the answers. Our wish is that highlighting these will make them easier to see and faster to solve:

  1. “We want to work with innovation and change, but we decide on how to move forward based on what has sold well in the past. How can we design something new and feel secure that it will be desired by consumers?”

  2. “After we evaluate design concepts with other departments we often have to go back and re work them. This takes a lot of time and lead to stress in the end. How can we save time by know better what to design from the start?”

  3. “We have a thousand ideas. We need to choose three. How do we know which ones to choose and how do we design them into desirable products.”

  4. “What should our design look like? How can we feel confident that it will be both coherent with our brand experience and look great in the eyes of our consumers”