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Boring products evolve into the next big thing

Boring products evolve into the next big thing

If you would have told a phone maker in the 80s or even 90s that phones will become a hot lifestyle product after 2007, few or none would have believed you. This mindset most likely prevented phone makers to strive for the phone future that would turn out to be the billion dollar industry we have today.

Which products of today suffer from the same mindset? Who would believe you if you said that Power Sockets, an Iron or a Dog Leash will evolve into the next products on everyone’s lips? Will we see big keynotes from Silicon Valley where a CEO demos a new dining chair every year? Will we see the Tech Press go nuts over Mail Boxes?

Perhaps you’re in a company that develope products that are generally seen as not that exciting. If so – think of the phone. If you play your cards right and move in the right direction, perhaps you will be the original that brings us the next big product that no one saw coming.

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