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We help companies identify and design new products that take a leap

We help companies identify and design new products that take a leap

Welcome to People People. Our people centered Scandinavian approach has been picked up by a vast range of international clients; from corporations like IKEA and SAAB to small disruptive startups making new consumer technology. Together with our forward-thinking clients we form teams that make things that make a difference. Check out our cases and contact the team.


Be Netflix, not Blockbuster

When Netflix started off, Blockbuster tried to stay competitive with a Rent DVDs by mail service. Blockbuster went from ninety thousand employees in 2004 to bankruptcy in 2010, much because of Netflix success. It’s hard to innovate in an established company culture. Most companies have their own truths and best practises that are great for many things, but not for becoming the next big thing or even staying alive. Instead, companies with best practises and tons of experience often get…

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Happy midsummer!

Happy midsummer from the People People team. What more suitable than to cook marmalade on our design: IKEA Tillreda. We hope you have a wonderful day.

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Fully funded on Kickstarter again

The new and upgraded Transparent Speakers has been fully funded on Kickstarter in less than 6 hours from launch. The speakers are designed and developed by the People People team for our sister company Transparent Sound. Here is a link

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Wearable IoT for Snickers Workwear

People People have helped Snickers Workwear to design and develop the next generation of craftsmen protection. This wearable IoT product is called Tracker 1. One of its key features is to helps a user keep track of the quality of their knee protection by measuring how many times a knee hits the ground. What you see is a first prototype and right now, 100 craftsmen across five countries are taking part in a test to see how wearable technology can…

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