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Liberos' Babybuzz first prototype - people people design
In a collaboration with Volontaire, People People has designed the first prototypes of Liberos Babybuzz. A pair of bracelets that help pregnant couples to better share the good experiences of carrying a child. The prototypes are huge and cumbersome since it is an early build, but they have served very well to show the fantastic first user reactions on the values that Babybuzz will give. Read more

This year we are part of an exhibition called Twelve – Methods, where twelve established Swedish designers or design houses show some of their works. Our method on display is Crowdfunding, and we’re showing off two of our designs that has gone through successful crowdfunding campaigns; the Transparent Speaker and the Flic shortcut button. You’ll also find a bunch of other nice Scandinavian designs, so do swing by the booth located in the end of hall B! (B12:11).

Our co-founder Martin Willers will speak at Slush in Helsinki Finland at 16:40 local time.

Slush is a Finish conference where startups and tech talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives and media. Slush brought together over 14.000 attendees and more than 3500 companies for the two-day event. More than 750 investors came to Helsinki to meet startups in nearly 3.800 pre-booked meetings. If you’re curious you can find his slides below.

See the presentation video and slide share… Read more

People People will sponsor hardware and be in the jury of MIDI HACK, taking place in Stockholm, Sweden, 17-18/5 2014. MIDI HACK is a 24h hackathon celebrating the protocols (such as midi, osc & cv) and technologies that are the backbone of analog and digital music creation. Read more

The new Monocle, Issue 68 – the Arctic Issue, feature Transparent Speaker as number two on their list of “Top 25 Best homeware”. They are claiming that your home life can be transformed with ideal items such as this friendly speaker solution. We agree!
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We talked the other day about how it would be to live in the “Connected Society”. What would our lives look like when this prophecy slash buzzword becomes reality? We were on our way to our monday lunch gym session and talked about how our efforts at the gym would probably be needed somewhere else in the area, like lifting a piano up some stairs. If only our needs could be connected to someone else’s needs…
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Monocle Radio Martin Willers People People

Image courtesy of Mark Sanders

Monocle Radios’ interview with Martin Willers has been moved to Thursday. The Radio Show is called Apertivo and starts at 19:00 CEST (6pm BST). Martins interview will be aired approximately 20 min in. Here’s the link to the event. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the changes.

Martin will talk about the company People People and the Transparent Speaker, displayed during London Fashion Week at Re Present Showroom

We did it! Our Transparent Speaker received full funding on Kickstarter and even surpassed it’s funding goals, and finished being 141% funded.
Transparent Speaker will be going into production during this spring, and our continued development is secured. Our first users and backers will be receiving their Transparent Speakers during late spring, and thus the Transparent Community will be started!

Did you miss out on the Kickstarter Campaign? Don’t worry, we’ll soon be giving our new webshop a sneak-premiere over at, where both our Assembled Version and DIY Version are available for pre-orders!

We’d like to reach out with a big thank you from the team for supporting us and following us during this journey. We’ll soon be moving into a new chapter for the Transparent Speaker, and we can’t wait to tell you more!

So you’re in a band, and you simply must have a one-off version of our speaker? Maybe your office audio-system isn’t cutting the deal, and you want an exclusive player?

We’re releasing just the thing for you: 10 Custom Faceplate Transparent Speakers!

We’ll take your logotype, illustration or something creative that you send us, and laser-engrave it onto a custom faceplate for your Transparent Speaker.

This will be a limited offer for backers pledging $1000 or more, limited to only our Kickstarter-campaign and will only be available for 10 units.

To get your mind going, we’ve made a few suggestions!

A match made in heaven for our Swedens biggest house export, Swedish House Mafia?

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Dear People! We’re happy to announce that Grandpa will be our first retailer for the Transparent Speaker in Sweden, starting late spring!

Grandpa has since 2003 sold great scandinavian & international fashion, interior design & vintage in Stockholm, Gothenburg and on the web.

Not in Sweden? Tell us about the stores close to you that you think we should be in, and we’ll check them out!