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A small camera for a greater life

A small camera for a greater life

A small camera for a greater life

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At People People we often help a wide range of very different clients with innovating and designing products that are more or less unseen. In this challenge we often find that when creating meaningful innovation, we usually reach a combination of elements and ideas that are both known and unknown to people. You’re about to see a camera concept we developed to show you a glimpse of how a result from us could be like. The concept is a new take on how people could have the photos they want and how they could take them in a way that suit current lifestyles. We hope you like it.

Hang out with people instead of getting stuck in your phone

People stuck in phones
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Do you ever get stuck in Instagram and then realise that everyone else around the table are also stuck in their phones? Do you also feel that getting sucked into your phone was not on purpose or even desirable? Perhaps it just happened? Weren’t you supposed to hang out with people? What happen to the laughs, the meaningful conversations and the eye contact with the people that you care about?

Stay in the moment and have all photos automatically on your phone

Looking through optical viewfinder

This little camera keeps you in the moment instead of luring you into your digital services. First of all by not being a phone, but also because instead of using a display, this camera use an optical viewfinder. This allows you to compose and take your photo accurately without getting tempted to dive into whatever a display could offer. Even if an optical viewfinder is placed to the side of a camera lens, it angles your view when you look through it so that it shows exactly what the photo composition will be like. The image result is a great photo while you’re still left present in the moment. The photo automatically lands in your phone, just like photos you take with your mobile phone camera, so if you really want to interact with the photo you can.

Don’t miss that photo moment

Smartphone in pocket
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Even though smart phones has made cameras more accessible than ever, we still usually need to fish them out of our pocket before we can take a photo. This takes a few seconds and that can be enough to miss a precious photo moment.

More accessible

Camera around neck
By making the camera small enough to be as ok to carry around your neck as keys or a clearance badge, the camera is fast to grab and helps you to catch those moments that you would have missed with your smart phone.

One way we aim to keep the camera small is by not having that display. The lack of display reduce camera size first of all because of the obvious fact that the display simply is not there, but also because the battery size can come down drastically when there is no display to drain power.

Better quality photos than with your smartphone

Smartphone Cameras
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Cameras in smartphones are not bad. But they are far from great. We get decent photos quite often but it is still rare to get at really great picture. One major reason for this is that the lens on a smartphone is restricted by the size of a pocket. In case of lenses, size matters.

Larger lenses make all the difference

Small camera larger lens

By making a camera for carrying around your neck, we are not restricted by pocket size and can offer lenses that are many times larger than the lense on a smartphone while still keeping the camera small enough to almost be unnoticeable while carrying it around your neck. This aims to offer way sharper & simply more attractive photos compared to smartphones.

Additional lenses for those who desire

Additional lenses

Mobile device cameras are limited to only one lens for all occasions and desires. In the spirit of great photo quality. Additional lenses should be available for wider or more zoomed in results.

Real depth of field instead of Tiltshift blur

Example of before and after adding Tiltshift blur:

Tiltshift blur before and after
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One feature that is commonly used on instagram and in other photo editing Apps is the Tiltshift blur. This filter is a digital interpretation of something that better lenses can provide which is called: depth of field. Depth of field is usually more accurate and to most people we’ve talked to looks way better.

Real Depth of Field

Depth of field real
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By providing better lenses than a smartphone we could achieve real depth of field on photos that lands in your phone. On the manual control you can see on the side of the lens, the user can decide which amount of blur / depth of field an image should have.

Manual depth of field control - People People

A look that both convey approachable accessory and quality camera.

Approachable while breathing quality

By taking good care of proportions, materials, colours and keeping the lines simple and approachable, we have aimed for a look that feel approachable by the many – neutral if you so wish. At the same time, we have aimed for aesthetics that convey the increased quality compared to mobile devices by keeping it similar to the better cameras out there.

A product that lasts

This camera would be meant to last beyond one mobile device. One way to achieve this could be to have exchangeable or upgradable components. This is not only great for users. Not throwing away your camera every time you feel that you need a new phone is also a more responsible approach from a sustainability perspective. Obviously the camera would have to be worked through from various aspects to become as sustainable as possible. But making a camera that is ok to keep beyond the life length of a mobile device we think is an approachable nice step for this short little glimpse of what we do in our office all day.

We hope you liked the idea! Thanks for reading. Below are some more images if you’re interested.

Camera front view

Viewfinder view

Small Camera from side