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People People innovate and design for clients, and when we feel like it, also for our own production wing. It’s a great feeling when something that we felt so good about as our Transparent Speaker not only get a life through our production company, but also by artists that we admire. Two of these artists are Robyn and Snoop Dogg. Here’s a behind the scenes clip from the Robyn featuring Snoop Video: U should know better. Before the video was shot, we were approached by their crew who asked if they could feature our speaker in the video – and it feels great that we could say yes. Way to go Robyn & Snoop!


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  • Håkan

    Hmmm – I ‘m sorry to say, but I don’t really see the “new” here – the world is full of loudspeakers of glass or transparent acryl – just google “glass speaker” and see.

  • Marcus Ericsson