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Bookman Cup Holder

Bookman Cup Holder

Bookman Cup Holder

The problem

How can we make biking the most attractive and enjoyable transportation option?

The solution

The Cup holder designed for Bookman lets the biker bring a hot drink in an easy way whenever you are biking. The design makes it suitable for almost any cup size. It is easily attached to the bicycle by pressing the rings together and sliding it on to the handlebar, well in place it holds firmly thanks to the spring steel construction.

Watch the video from Bookman, displaying the product and how to use it.

Eco note

The construction is completely free from screws and glue and it’s designed for easy disassembly if you would need to recycle the product. A small storage cube is included in the package, to make flat shipping and storage possible.

The full story

Bookman is a Stockholm based brand that makes accessories for bicycles and for the people on them.

One challenge in this project was to design something that would fit Bookman’s product family with their clean lines and iconic expression. We came up with a solution that avoids bulky screw mounts on the bike, and in that sense followed the tradition of their light, slim and detachable USB bike light.

Mounting cupholder on bike
Mounting Cup holder on bike
Cup holder on bike

One other important element was the use of materials which makes the product becomes a natural part of most bike designs but also, construction and functionality-wise, use the materials best suited for it’s specific purpose.

Cup holder structure is made of spring steel, which return automatically to its original shape when bending the material, almost as a memory. The rubber part that is made without glue or screws, preventing scratches on the handlebars, and holds the cup holder and cup in a stable position when cycling.

The two rings are made in two different sizes, which allows the product to hold both large and small cups.

Cup holder collection

Cup holder with storage cube
Cup holder in white with storage cube

The Bookman Cup holder comes with a storage cube for flat storage and transport, and also for easy storage in your bag when you’re not on the ride.

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