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Happy midsummer!

People People design for Pins Collective

PIns on Chest

Imagine pins that can show anything you want. Imagine pins that allow a group of People to show the same thing at the same time. Imagine a service where the Icon for a good cause or making your own Pin Image is just a click away. These are just some of the wonderful things that Pins Collective are building for the world.

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People People design the first prototype of Liberos Babybuzz

Liberos' Babybuzz first prototype - people people design

In a collaboration with Volontaire, People People has designed the first prototypes of Liberos Babybuzz. A pair of bracelets that help pregnant couples to better share the good experiences of carrying a child. The prototypes are huge and cumbersome since it is an early build, but they have served very well to show the fantastic first user reactions on the values that Babybuzz will give.

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