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In your face!

In your face!

Cozy 3D Glasses

According to the swedish magazine Ny Teknik these companies – Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Xpand 3D, Changhong Electric, Funai Electric, Hisense Electric, Hitachi Consumer Electronics, Mitsubishi Electric Corp, Philips, Seiko Epson, Sharp, SIM2 Multimedia, TCL Corp, Toshiba and View Sonic – are joining forces to standardise the technology around 3D-goggles. They are facing a huge opportunity and a massive challenge. They are about to design and make a farely unfamiliar product that goes on peoples faces in social contexts. When there was only one option of goggles in cinemas, people could laugh about it – all looking equally silly. When these glasses become an everyday object in peoples homes and lives and you have to compete with various market players – it’s a whole new game. The company who will make people not feel like technology nerds with their goggles will win the game.

Here are some advice on the way:

  • Don’t be fooled to think that the newness of this technology is a value in it self or value enough to make it sell. If your competition makes something that is more accepted people will pay them to not feel stupid.
  • Don’t allow yourself to do what you yourself think looks cool on a screen or in a magazine. Magazines and marketing is the easy part, making people feel great wearing them is the real challenge. Understand the people who will buy these things better than they understand themselves and use the understanding for a more safe result.
  • Try not to rely to much on knowledge about existing products related to glasses with electronics. There are really none out there that are good enough, and if you learn from the winners of today you will make the same mistakes.
  • Learn from what Steve Jobs said about typography when designing the first Mac: “It was beautiful. Historical. Artistically subtle in a way that science can’t capture. And i found it fascinating.”. Give the challenge to designers that has a great feeling for proportions and aesthetics. There are a lot of good designers out there and only some of them have that unmeasurable but yet so important skill to simply make any style or expression into a beautiful object.

To be continued…