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The Transparent Speaker on Kickstarter in December

The Transparent Speaker on Kickstarter in December

The People People Speaker placed on Floor - Swedish Design

We’re happy to announce that The Transparent Speaker will be put on Kickstarter in December. Here you will be able to support the development of the speaker for the benefit of some sweet deals on the final product. Perhaps a suitable Christmas gift? Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted about a date soon.

To all of you who celebrate thanksgiving: Happy holidays! To the rest of you have a great weekend.

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  • the wireleless antenna soudns nice, nevertheless withou any internal damping the speaker will sound terrible no matter how hard you try unless you limit it to play just mids and treble

  • Claire B

    Is this going to be available to buy in time for Christmas?

  • CityGirl

    I’d also like to know if this will be available to buy for Christmas?