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Pocket Watch on Cool Hunting

Pocket Watch on Cool Hunting

Leather Chain Version by People People Swedish Design

Our Pocket Watch design has got a bit of attention recently. Thank you all! Last week we got a visit from Cool Hunting, who was so into our design that we decided to give them not only an interview, but some exclusive pictures of a new chain alternative (this was also a request from many of you readers). Check out the new “chain” in the original blog post. Hope you like it!

  • Samson Smart

    Absolutely LOVE this new take on the classic pocket watch, a Braided Black Leather Chain and a Small Matte Black Carabiner would just be exquisite!!!

  • Manne

    Imagine this as mechanical watch with a see through back, all black/silver parts.

  • Robin

    Email me, must have this one! 😀

  • nice, but how can we get it

  • Scottish Steve

    Where can I buy this??

  • pax

    I love it. I want it!

  • Kelly

    I have been dying to know where I can get this! Email me if it’s possible to get one I would be very grateful 🙂

  • J-P Ortiz

    J-P Ortiz
    Really nice, I did remember my Grand Father watch…
    Where it can be bought?
    Congratulations and best regards.

  • Jeremy Richard

    its a nice watch, I want it xD
    How can we get it ?? please

  • Jouni

    So do you sell anything or do you just design? Do you reply to comments?