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Red dot celebration at People People

Red dot celebration at People People

We’re really happy to announce that our design TILLREDA for IKEA is one of the Red dot award winners 2016!

TILLREDA is a small portable induction hob that gives you the flexibility to cook anywhere you have a power supply. It’s sleek, affordable and functional, and will hopefully become a part of people’s home for many years to come.


Words from the Red Dot jury:

“TILLREDA induction hob, designed by Johan Frössén and Klara Petersén from People People, is a product we love! It fulfills the five dimensions of democratic design. SUSTAINABILITY: Induction cooking offers the responsiveness and control of gas and the heating power of electricity but with less wasted heat. Making it better for the planet. FORM: Sleek and unexpectedly beautiful, TILLREDA is an appliance to showcase next to your iPad full of recipes! QUALITY: Stable and portable, this freestanding plug-in hob can be used for everyday cooking for years to come. FUNCTION: A portable hob gives you the flexibility to cook anywhere you have a power supply. It features 9 power levels for everything from boiling water to simmering a stew. The simply-designed control panel also makes getting the right settings easy. It features a wire-hook cable storage that doubles as a carrying handle. And it is designed with built-in keyholes so it can hang vertically along a kitchen rail to save precious counter space when not in use. LOW PRICE: At a breathtaking 39, TILLREDA makes energy-saving induction cooking technology affordable for the many without compromising on design, functionality or quality!”

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  • Lena

    When will it become available for buying?


      My exact question.. can’t find it in the Shop…

  • Manish Kumar Jain

    I am interested on portable house plz call me Manish kr jain Guwahati Assam India 09435145467,