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Reinventing A Classic

Reinventing A Classic

Reinventing A Classic


For many years the Kronan bike have been appreciated by many swedes for its simple, robust and clever design. Kronan is designed like the traditional Swedish military bikes, which means it automatically is something all swedes can relate to and appreciate. We at People People love this bike, but we also think it’s a bit heavy and clumsy for a modern city contexts. Therefore we decided to design a successor. We call it “Spiran” which is sort of the sleeker and younger sibling of Kronan that moved into the city. The name Kronan is swedish for “Crown”, and Spiran means “Scepter”.

Kronan and Spiran


Just like Kronan takes inspiration from an old classic, we decided to take inspiration from old swedish post and delivery bikes. This is partly because it is a heritage of simple robustness, but also because the need of transporting things on your bike remains very important in a modern city context.

With or without


The move from the old countryside to the city also requires an adaption to the streets. We have combined a robust construction with a sleek, light weight frame and slim racing tires, optimized for the agility and speed needed in a city. In everything from the frame to the leather details, we wanted to use only genuine materials that not only last a long time, but also ages with grace.

Front view


Saddle (veg tanned leather)



Another issue we wanted to solve was the problem with bike locks. People need to buy a separate, expensive and often clumsy bike lock or chain in order to not get their bikes stolen, and then find a way to bring it with them along on their ride somehow. Many people have the locks just dangling from the handlebar, some carry chains over their shoulders, and others have to put a many times dirty lock into their bags. We want to get rid of this clumsiness! We have designed an integrated bike lock that folds out from the front basket, locking the bike in the front wheel or even around a city lamp post, fence or similar. The old Kronan bikes offered a clever detail in the shape of a bike pump compartment, with this solution we wanted to continue this heritage.

Basket / lock animation


We can also learn a lot from bike messengers who often choose fixed gear bikes for an efficient, robust and stripped down approach. A lot of gears will add both weight, complexity and a higher demand for maintenance. We decided to go for a single speed approach, with a carbon fibre belt in stead of chain. This belt drive does not need any lubrication or maintenance, which means city bikers will keep their trousers free from grease. Its simple, clever and robust, while also offering a smoother and quieter ride.

Petals and belt drive

Eco Note

We like to promote bike riding in general as a great way to get around in a city. Both you, the city and the planet get in better shape! This bike would also be taken care of in terms of ecological material sourcing, long lasting construction and repairability.

The reactions

Spiran är Kronans bortskämda innerstadsbrorsa.
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  • metropeligo

    Where can I buy one?

    • peoplepeople

      Hi There! This is still a design concept, so we don’t have a launch date at this point. Thank you for the interest!

      • Guilhem

        do it and be sure i’ll buy it

        mind blowing !

  • Johan

    Does it have breaks?

    • peoplepeople

      Hi Johan! Yes it will have front and back breaks, but we haven’t decided at this stage which components to use so they are missing in the pictures above.

      • Paul

        Trust me, as a Dutch city-biker, coaster brakes are the best option. And it leaves the sleekness of the bicycle intact.

        • peoplepeople

          Thanks Paul, we also like coaster brakes. FInal decision yet to be made…

          • fat

            another vote for coaster

        • Wolbert

          I fully agree with Paul, coaster brakes are more durable and require a lot less maintenance. Especially when it comes to city-bikes, braking-cables always get torn off by other bike users when you put your bike in the bike-racks. It’s a hassle and a nuisance. Furthermore its much nicer for the aesthetics of the bike. Its a very clean and beautiful design. It would be a shame to ruin it with bulky breaks.

  • Sam

    Want to buy one!

  • Mattis

    Is this a collaboration you are doing with Kronan?

    • peoplepeople

      We have talked to them about it, but the destiny of this bike is yet to be decided due to the amount of attention from various places…

  • Foghty

    Do you have a mailing list I can subscribe to? Want to buy this bad boy as soon as it is available. Please make a version without brakes as well!

    • matthew


      • Matt Clark

        I assume he means one of those weird american style bikes that the pedals work as the brakes (i.e. if you’re not peddling, the bike stops)

        • Tobias

          It’s called Fixie..

          • Mattias

            Saw a woman get hit be a guy on a fixie in Barcelona a couple of years ago. I don’t care if some dude want’s to hurt him self, but please. Ride in inhängnat område.

        • yfierro

          That’s actually Dutch since americans, as you probably know, do not have an history.

  • Katja

    Superläcker! Kommer lätt köpa mig en snygging om priset blir rimligt 🙂

  • Looks very nice and clean. I like the lock system, nice idea!

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  • Tom

    Want one! Please put me on a mailing list

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  • DANL

    slick, simple design. this is beautiful.

  • krendybluth

    This is gorgeous and I want one!

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  • Michael

    Surley you would need horizontal dropouts to get enough tension in the belt?

    • peoplepeople

      Hi Michael, you might be right, but some horizontal dropouts also have a greater risk of becoming loose over time. Our final configuration is yet to be defined, but we wanted to try and simplify it with a semi vertical dropout.

  • danger89

    I also would like to see a mailing list. So you can send me a mail when it’s being released

  • 26081989

    Sign me up too! Will it be chromed steel or polished stainless?

    • peoplepeople

      I was thinking chromed steel, both for appearance and durability. Do you have an opinion yourself?

      • 26081989

        Well, chromed steel has more perks: lighter than inox, more comfort because it is more flexible and especially WAY cheaper because polishing stainless steel is a time consuming process (because the material is so hard). Stainless is more beautiful in my opinion (think of a polished moulton double pilon). What I also like about chromed steel is the nod to classic race frames which sometimes had chromed forks.
        I’d go for chromed steel because it saves 2 or 3 times the material cost.
        /edit for double words

        • peoplepeople

          Cool! Thanks for the input!

  • jysanchez

    yep. I want one.

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  • Anthony Quizon

    Letting you know that I am also interested in buying this bike

  • Ahmet Elginöz

    When sharing on FB we can’t use the main image, which kind of kills the point

  • paperchase

    beautiful. will it be available to buy anywhere? (U.S?)

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  • Sami Viitamäki

    Where / how can I buy this?

  • Brenda

    Where is the ladies edtition??

  • richsing

    Gorgeous and practical. Can I represent you guys in Asia? We’re becoming a bike nation.

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  • cphanellq

    Great design! Don’t forget the US market.

  • Kahlil Berenos

    nice! it would be even nicer without the front lock/bucket and hand brakes. And keep the chain with paddle-brake. = i will buy it!

  • Wararit Mangkalanont

    pls tell me when it’s available. really love design

  • Nick

    Super…need one in my Christmas Stocking !!

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  • jake

    The basket/lock combo is a little flawed… but otherwise, it’s a nice and clean execution

  • Ronaldo Cardinal da Fontoura

    Wow! I wanna buy one too! Put it on the production line!

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  • Flowsn157

    Jättekul! Jag hoppas cykeln så småningom kommer att genomföras!

  • Joeplu

    Is there any plans to put this fanatic bike into production? If you do don’t change a thing it looks great just as it is.

  • Kristaps Sveisbergs

    what price range you are aiming on and will there be Titan frame option?

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  • Harry Wynne-Williams

    Yes please!

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  • Nicole

    Very interested like everybody else on this blog in this bike, wondering if there is an emailing list to be on once out.

  • Deborah Safe

    Love it. My Kronan suffers from terrible shimmy. From day 1. Make sure you consider this in your engineering design.

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  • mikele

    lovely bike and 3D rendering
    just down tube is way too thin as is the top tube.
    they will ride but would be bendy as the fork will be way too sturdy.
    not sure about coaster brakes and belt drives. could work but havent seen that yet.

    • tsetse

      check this. It’s called “Sling Shot”. The downtube is a steel rope. 😉

      • tsetse


  • Malte

    Hei, do you know kickstarter? 😉

  • Zene

    amazing. I need to get my hands on this one asap! Please bring to market soon!

  • Murat

    Perfect! I want one! Please let us know when and where to buy.

  • Behrad

    Do you happen to know how one can have one of these?

  • Kina Giesenfeld

    Jag vill ha en jag med så bra tänkt med låset. Super snygg!

  • Clody Twain

    nice !!!

  • Nästa kickstarter-projekt (hoppas att Transparent Speaker ger mersmak!)?

  • Hannah Lalou Élise

    How long now? 🙂 I so want this one!!! I’m sure you are working on it (I hope!)…any estimation as to when this beauty will be available for sale?

  • FelipeA

    What a beautiful piece of design! When do you estimate to start production and sales? Any ideas on pricing?

  • ade

    This is awesome! Such a sleek design without compromising functionality! Great job guys! i am looking forward to buying this once its available 🙂

  • Meg

    I love this bike! Are there plans for production?

  • louise

    Do you have a launch day yet?

  • kasper

    is there allready a release date?

  • Best Legs


    Any word on getting this to production? I am extremely interested in buying!

  • tsetse

    Question for the designers of this piece : Could you briefly explain how the rear wheel will come of? I can see close-cut fenders and front facing classical drop outs. I’m afraid this does not work, because the wheel get’s stuck when moving forward. In order to be able to remove the wheel, you’d need down facing dropouts. Then of course you’d need an eccentric bottom bracket to tighten the belt drive. Is that right?

  • rutelli

    Bellissima dove si può comprare in Italia

  • XX

    As all others I very interrested in buying one; any news regarding market introduction?

    • Hi XX! As soon as we have more info we’ll post it here on the blog. We’re currently looking into ways of having it manufactured. Many are asking for it so we should really make it happen 🙂 Thanks for the interest!


  • Lene

    Wow – that a beautiful and unique bike! I would love to buy one once in production. When is the planned release date?

    • Hi Lene, sorry we don’t know the release date yet, we’re still evaluating ways of having it manufactured. Thank you for the interest!


  • Teun Mulder

    Are you guys still trying to get this on the market? Because I would love to have one. But I thought, maybe you can publish a construction drawing so I can maybe build one myself. This bike is the perfect combination between the original kronan bike and a new minimalistic citybike. Keep up the good work!

  • Froste

    What is the geometry of this bike? 650b 42mm supple tires and fenders with better coverage would elevate this design making it more functional. Also the rack looks heavy. Is it possible to reduce the amount of material used?
    My 5cents… Sweden needs one of its own real porteur bikes.