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Robotic lawn mowers help us relax in the sun instead of cutting our grass. We think this is an excellent value proposition. But we also think they could be so much better. Let’s use Bosch Indego as an example.

First the user problems

“I don’t want too much hassle when it comes to setting up the robotic lawn mower, but I have to do a lot.”
“I don’t want a cheap looking plastic object in my garden – it doesn’t fit!”
“I don’t want cables all over my garden.”
“Even though it is automatic I feel I have to keep an eye on it”

The Want To / Have To – evaluation exersize

A good way to evaluate a solution is to do what we call the Want To / Have To exersize. Going through a solution and see the things that someone would want to do, and then list all the things that they have to do. All the have to points does not only show where a solution fail to imedietly deliver on user value, it is of course also opportunities for the competition like Husqvarna, Stiga, Gardena or Robomow to do something better. Let’s do the Want To / Have To exersize with the Bosch Indego.

I want to

get my lawn cut without me doing anything…
get my lawn cut without having anything intruding my beautiful garden…

…but I have to

A product that carelessly intrude a beautiful garden

The Bosch Indego don’t fit the picture of a beautiful garden. It is an intruder in the scenery. The aestetics are chosen according to how lawn mowers usually are designed rather than aligning with the objects used to make gardens look more pleasant. They have used cheap looking plastics and a design that seems to be done by someone that would have liked to design a race car. How many house owners find those choices suitable for what they are trying to achieve in their gardens? Bosch might have the slogan Invented for Life. From our perspective a life somewhat filled with manuals, misstakes, and poorly adapted product aesthetics.

How to improve

Our suggestion is that the design and product development should focus on removing the have to:s so that the experience will be more about the want to:s.

Image courtesy of Bosch


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