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SAAB cars of the future

SAAB cars of the future

SAAB cars of the future

What should desirable driver environment of the near future be like?

The client, National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS), acquired Saab Automobile in 2012. As part of the acquisition they took over Saab’s classic car factory in Trollhättan, Sweden. People People & Topp collaborated a joint project for NEVS to explore current and future driving experiences, with a special focus on electrical vehicles.


Saab is a classic Swedish car brand, famous for desirable design and nifty technical solutions. They asked themselves the right questions:

More and more things in our environment are becoming digital, yet, a car is a physical object. What in a car should be digital, what should be physical and how do we make that blend user friendly, intuitive and desirable?

Here is a quote from Nevs about our result

“Designing a car today is challenging. Technologies are emerging at a speed never seen before, changing our daily lives and habits at the core. As a car manufacturer it’s important to understand these new technologies and shape something meaningful that actually brings value to passengers and drivers. What’s the right balance between digital and physical interfaces in a car today? A touch screen, for instance, is great in some occasions but not good at all in others. People People & Topp put together a team to design and innovate around NEVS driver and passenger experience in their future electric vehicles. The design team set out to find the right balance between the digital & physical, and how to integrate new services and technology without losing the classic values of a car. The ideas that came out of their work were not only innovative, but also made a lot of sense and looked great.”

– Nevs