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Shortcut To Anything

Shortcut To Anything

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do anything by just pressing a button? With this product you pretty much can. Shortcut Labs is a Stockholm based startup that is getting a lot of attention for their first product soon to be released to the public. We at People People are proud to say we are behind the industrial design of Flic.


How It Works

Flic is the new era of smartphone simplicity. It is a wireless shortcut button that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth® and can do practically anything that your smartphone can do. With flic, you don’t have to take your phone out of the pocket or purse to do simple, every day tasks.



People People and our digital partner TOPP worked closely with the Shortcut Labs team to develop the physical design, the UX and app design.

  • The industrial design needed to be made ready for manufacture, yet keep a very small footprint. Flic needed to be perceived as “just a button”, a too bulky product would just not work.
  • We aimed for an expression neutral enough to work in many contexts, yet with a strong identity.
  • The name and logo was developed to convey a super simple, almost playful message, yet conveying that this is a clever, precise and functional little device.
  • The UX and App design was mostly focused to achieve the same simplicity, enjoyment and precision when reacting to a press, detecting new buttons or assigning new functions.

Power Of Crowds

Flic is at the time of writing (oct 2014) in a pre-crowdfunding phase, and raising awareness through a signup campaign that received over 5000 signups during its first week. Stay tuned folks, Flic is coming…

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