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Small Transparent Speaker

Small Transparent Speaker

Small Transparent Speaker

This is Small Transparent Speaker

The Speaker Kickstarter Campaign is currently live. Hurry up to back it to get a good discount.

This is the new member of the Transparent Speaker family, developed by our sister company People products. The original Transparent Speaker was also launched via Kickstarter four years ago, and it has been going strong ever since.

The speakers’ transparency and simple scandinavian aesthetics makes it blend with and fit almost any interior. Compared to the large transparent speaker the small one is more affordable and despite it’s smaller size, it still has a big sound that fill even large rooms.

Small Transparent Speaker with large Transparent Speaker

It’s made out of timeless, premium materials like hardened glass and aluminum.

Small Transparent Speaker perspective

It’s two full range drivers and the passive radiator deliver a big, rich sound – despite its’ small size.

Drivers and passive radiator

It connects to all the latest wireless standards like apple airplay, Google Cast, spotify connect or just the normal bluetooth on your phone

It’s also the most sustainable, high quality speaker we can make. The Speaker detects if a part needs to be replaced, repaired or updated and you will get a notification to act on on your phone.

Notification broken speaker

You can send a used speaker back with our prepaid postage for the best quality upcycling at our facilities. Upcyclers will also get a discount on their next purchase.

Shop new purchase and recycling

The Small Transparent Speaker is a big step forward for sustainable consumer electronics. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Small Transparent Speaker frontview

  • This is awesome! Are you also planning to update the original Transparent Speaker with Cast, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth support, upcycle or renew it altogether?

    • Marco Cataño

      I would love an update on my original Transparent Speaker as well.

    • HumperE3

      Isn’t Google chromecast audio the perfect choice?

      • Peter

        true that, super cheap and easy to do

    • Hi Sander, first up we will add a bluetooth dongle to the original speaker, our aim is early next year and then once the Small Transparent Speaker is working seamlessly and found it’s homes around the globe we’ll look at a more sustainable upgrade for the Transparent Speaker. I hope this answers your question?

    • Hi Sander, thanks for putting up the article on ProductHunt. The speaker is now available in white or black – we could send through a photo if you need one? And to answer your question, yes we would like the original speaker to follow suit and get the latest technology. Work in progress.

  • Atra Ne

    it is possible to connect two small speakers, each for one Side? like right and left as an 2.0 system?

    • Hi Atra Ne, we are looking in to the functionality of this using bluetooth – to achieve stereo sound. Will update when we know.

  • Zorana Vos

    Does this speaker have a battery or does it need A/C power at all times?

  • Paul B

    Is the speaker going to be available to buy?

  • Lolo Nicole

    When will the smaller white speaker be available for sale?