People People

Our small, dynamic teams make sure our clients are served with equal chunks of creativity and rationality. We make sure that our results both take leaps and makes sense. Our innovation process always starts with understanding people in their everyday lives to reach results that fit peoples lives. Simply put, we are all about understanding people to create for people: people people.

And ps.! Products that have a proven demand prior to production are always significantly more sustainable. Economically as well as environmentally. Good, right?

Martin Willers

New Business Sustainability Martin Willers
— It should be forbidden to produce stuff on an industrial scale that hasn’t been tested in popularity.
+46 (0) 739 47 47 60 willers willers

Johan Frössén

Strategy and Innovation Anthropology Johan Frössén
— I find it rude not to do well thought-out stuff, especially when the stuff will be part of peoples lives.
+46 (0) 707 20 67 35 johanfrossen frossen

Per Brickstad

Industrial Designer Innovation Per Brickstad
— I always strive for the I-can’t-believe-no-one-has-thought-about-this-before!-ideas.
+46 (0) 738 79 08 22 perbrickstad brickstad

Anna Palleschitz

Materials and Manufacturing Color and material Anna Palleschitz
— I’m all about the details... My colleagues have referred to me as an aesthetic filter.
+46 (0) 73 985 1982 annapalleschitz palleschitz


Klara Petersén

Klara Petersén

Industrial Designer,
MFA Lund University

André Engdahl Jofré

André Engdahl Jofré

Community Manager


Peter Viksten

Peter Viksten

Creative Director,
Great Works