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If you are interested in People People doing projects for you, please contact our Account Manager Joachim Öjeryd at +46 (0) 702 74 35 52 or

Our Team

We’re a small, tight team of talents at People People. Deliberately so. We design holistically, balancing creativity with rational thought to make sure that the results are progressive but make sense. We have many years of experience driving technology innovations and excellence in global outsourced manufacturing. In many project we also use partners in our network such as O-network for electronics, Topp for digital user experience and The Natural Step for sustainable product development. With these partners we have the ability to customise teams for our clients needs while remaining small and agile.

Our approach

Know people better than they know themselves to design truly successful products, solutions and services. Our efficient “to the point” Contextual Ideation process makes sure our results are desired, progressive, and grounded with the right consumer needs in mind. This is why we are called People People: We are inspired by people to develop new experiences that are desired by people.

Interested in joining our team?

If you want to apply for a position or internship you are more than welcome to email us at

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