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The Do it Yourself Car

The Do it Yourself Car

The Do it Yourself Car

The problem

It takes more from parents than buying toys to bond with their kids

The solution

Bond by building a toy together. You and your child build the toy car together and a stronger parent-child bond is more likely to happen. As a bonus your child get a new toy to play with.

Eco note

The Toy Car is made from more sustainable materials compared to current toy cars

The Full Story

Most toys are quickly abandoned by kids. Many parents try to buy themselves out of not feeling close enough to their children, but often with unsatisfying results.

How did we solve the problem

Parents get a Toy Car Building Kit. In this kit you’ll find a boxy beginning of a car and the necessary tools to get it done.

Car work in progress by People People - Swedish Design

By taking your child on the journey from block to shiny vehicle, you are likely to have bought the first toy that actually help you to get closer to your child.

Consequently, we set out to meet the following issues:

  1. How can we make a toy car finalized enough so it’s easy for families to reach a desirable design on their own?
  2. How can we design something that a just enough “undesigned” for families to feel they design it themselves?
  3. How can we use materials that are likely to have as little impact as possible on the environment?
  4. How can we design a Toy Car that is likely to be desired by kids?

Closeness and fun

The do it yourself car is for you to give your kids a toy and yourself.

The reactions

Coming soon.