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The Pocket watch, a forgotten accessory

The Pocket watch, a forgotten accessory

We think it’s time for a modern Pocket Watch
Pocket Watch Top View People People Swedish Design

Pocket Watch in Hand by People People Swedish Design

Pocket Watch detail by People People Swedish Design

Pocket Watch detailed text by People People Swedish Design

Pocket Watch side view by People People Swedish Design

Many fashion brands make modern 3 piece suites. Here is one from Acne:
Three piece suit by ACNE
Image courtesy of Acne Studios

The suits are modern classics. They come from a history of elegance that people feel worth continuing.

This history is not only defined by the suites, but also by the accessories that goes with them – like the pocket watch.
Brad Pitt as Jesse James
Image courtesy of Just Jared

Yet – there are few who make modern versions of the pocket watch to complete a modern versions of the 3 piece suit. This is why we decided to design one. We hope you like it.

Update! Some New pictures with Leather Braid “Chain” – as seen on Cool Hunting.

  • I like it.

    I wonder though if you might offer some other chain options.

    • peoplepeople

      We’re currently looking in to options for the chain and strap. Some really cool ideas on the way if you ask us!

  • flo

    lovly watch, don’t like the chain also. maybe a leather/fabric thing? like a watch just more flexible.

    • peoplepeople

      We’re looking into various strap / chain alternatives. Keep track on our blog and you won’t miss the release

      • Brad

        Any news?

  • Amazingly clean + beautiful. Where can I get one!?

  • ralf

    is there any way to keep posted on any news about this watch ?

    • peoplepeople

      I suggest you keep track on our blog and you won’t miss it

  • nancy

    I can see wearing it on my wrist. Cos don’t always have upper pockets.

  • Pa

    pls let me know when it is available!

    • peoplepeople

      Keep track on our blog and you won’t miss it

  • JB

    can you let me know when and where it is available?

    • peoplepeople

      i suggest you subscribe to our blog and you won’t miss it

  • bazaar

    pls let me know when it is available~
    i like it …. it’s clean and beautiful

    • peoplepeople

      Glad you like it! It should be out early next year.

  • When this comes available I will definitely be getting one!

    • peoplepeople

      Happy to hear that

  • tomatpinne

    You need to make a wrist watch version of this, I would buy the crap out of that

    • peoplepeople

      🙂 Glad you like it

  • Maj

    It’s fucking awesome. Let us know when it’s available to buy, I would definitely buy it that day.

    • peoplepeople

      Thank’s for being a fan! We’ll let you know

  • MrGrimy

    Elegant and stylistically pure! I’d have to say that this is the pocket watch I’ve been looking for so long. Looking forward for this being made.

    • peoplepeople

      Fine words! Thank you.

  • Piquid

    It look awesome! I want one as soon it´s out in on the shops!

    • peoplepeople

      Glad you like it!

  • Jon

    Holy Crap – that’s an excellent design!

    • peoplepeople

      Thank you!

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  • Alice

    Definitely time to make a come back with the pocket watch and that is some watch. I hope it isn’t going to cost $400 so we can’t carry it in our Museum Store!

    • peoplepeople

      Nice! Which museum store is this?

  • bunnybusiness

    Oh my god that’s absolutely fantastic! I would like to buy that when its available ^^,

    • peoplepeople

      Glad you like it!

  • Lindello

    Smart idea! I just got a idea if you could put some glowing on the watch. Wouldn’t be cool if you could watch it in the night? 🙂 Maybe it isn’t usefull because you bring it in your pocket and never gets some lighting. Anyway love everthing about it, and also hopes that you will make a armwatch of it too! 🙂 + Waiting for your announce on Kickstarter! 🙂

    • peoplepeople

      Hi there. Thanks for the thoughts. It will be launched together with a watch brand so it’s wont go to kickstarter.

  • Slick, me gots to get one 😉

    • peoplepeople

      haha! We feel the same

  • Assuming the cost is reasonable, I’ll be pre-ordering this the second it’s available

    • peoplepeople

      Happy you like it!

  • André

    Where can i buy this watch?

  • Mindaugas

    So everbody is waiting is on sale.. whw to buy it??

    • peoplepeople

      early next year. price and place will come

  • pbul

    Psst. I would buy this.

    • peoplepeople

      Great! We’ll keep you posted on our blog

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  • so when is the kickstarter project starting on this watch?

    • peoplepeople

      It won’t go to kickstarter but be launched as a collaboration with a watch brand

  • meed

    Absolute need !

    • peoplepeople

      Glad you like it

  • Love it simple and clean look. It’s finish is new and yet has that antique feel to it.

    • peoplepeople

      Nice! That’s how we feel as well

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  • Fedor

    I want them badly

    • peoplepeople

      We do too. Keep track on our blog and you won’t miss the release

  • Will this be on sale somewhere?

    • BGN

      Shall we estimate the price? 😉

  • it’s briliant!!

    • peoplepeople

      Thank you!

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  • I must have this watch!

    • peoplepeople

      We feel the same. Thanks for being a fan

  • Jas Gray

    You have a purchaser in Australia. Many purchasers.

    • peoplepeople

      Glad to hear!

  • vattenkran

    We will be wating for a realise date…

    • peoplepeople

      🙂 Cool. Glad you like it

  • lpettit24

    I must have this, don’t really care about the price! I’ve started an obsession with pocket watches lately but this blows anything I’ve purchased or looked at out of the water. Please let me know when it’s available!!

    • peoplepeople

      We’ll let you know. I suggest to subscribe to our blog and you won’t miss it.

  • Amy Duncan-Johnston

    When will this be available?

    • peoplepeople

      Most likely early next year

      • Fleur

        It’s July. What’s going on?

  • Irvine

    This is stunning!! Really hope you put it into production!

    • peoplepeople

      Thank you! It will go to production. We’ll keep you guys posted

      • Fleur


  • Justin Lawson

    I need this pocket watch!!!

    • admin

      Glad you like it!

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  • Ken

    LA is ready for this! Is it available yet?

  • rafael muci

    As the previous poster, please do let us know when it becomes available, I have been interested in pocket watches for a while, and find this one the most appealing I’ve seen thus far!

  • gmrfj

    This is a beautiful piece of work! I’ve been checking back in to hopefully see the release date, any progress on that? Also, is there a way to find out its specifications (Dimensions, Movements, materials..etc.)? I would love to get my hands on one of these! Beautiful work, congrats!

  • Rebecca Sperotto

    Any news on price and availability in shops/online? Thanks!

  • Joe

    Have you set a release date yet?

  • Sandy

    Any update when this will be for sale

  • rony

    any news on the date?

  • Luca Raffaelli

    where can i buy one of those?

  • Tom

    So, is it available now ?
    I think that many people still waiting 🙂
    Any news ?
    Thanks !

  • Ray Martin

    what the fuck? Sell the watch already. Fuck

  • Laura

    Could we please get an update on this? You can’t be too busy to simply reply….

  • Brocowich

    Any information about this watch, i want it bad. Well to the right price of course.

  • Sergio Escárzaga

    Where can I get one!?

  • Nikki

    This website has to be a scam—notice they aren’t replying or doing anything?

  • Barbara

    You, People People, are so rude. People is expecting an answer and you haven´t said anything in months. First you said it would be available for new year, then postponed it to “after summer” and now you´re not even replying to the messages. You´re loosing credibility…and potential clients.

  • G

    Where can I buy this? (I live in Brasil)

  • vic

    It appears that this product was just a hoax…Hmmm

    • Hi Vic, it is no such thing! It should be out in March 🙂


  • Ben

    March almost finished…

  • Rebekah

    I’ve been excited about this for over a year! Any news?