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The Pocket Watch

The Pocket Watch

The Pocket Watch

The problem

Many fashion brands make modern 3 piece suits, but there are few that make modern accessories that goes with it.

The solution

A modern take on an iconic and historical object that meets the fashion trends of today; The pocket watch. 

Eco note

The case could be produced from one single piece of aluminum, the face featuring integrated dial and markings, to simplify assembly and manufacturing. Leather details made out of vegetable tanned leather.

The full story

People products-apw-bronze-hanging

People products-apw-grey-hanging

Many fashion brands make modern 3 piece suits, but there are few accessories that goes with it. Yet, we’ve seen an increasing trend of men’s fashion accessories and the wristwatch is one of them, but where the actual main function of the watch has changed.

People’s behavior of using a watch has gone from showing time to showing style. The evolution of the timepiece to primarily a personality statement worn less and less for practicality. The practice of telling time has also transferred to a large extent to our mobile phones and also changed our behavior where we reach for our pockets to check the hour rather than flick over our wrists.

How did we solve the problems

By designing an iconic and classic accessory allowing this type of behavior but that also could fit the modern wardrobe.

By keeping the original usage of the pocket watch, we could capture and encourage the behavior that we’ve seen, allowing the owner to “show off” the accessory when being pulled out of the pocket.

The iconic shape of a pocket watch is kept, but with a design that makes it possible to manufacture the case out of one single piece, allowing it to be produced with modern manufacturing methods such as 3d-printing.

Smart phones and other devices are today feeding us with various amount of information, where time related data is one of them, which makes it possible and even more relevant to strip down the functions on the dial to the most essential – to show the time.

Available for purchase at

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The reactions

Offbeat approach to horology in a modern take on time.
Richard Prime – Coolhunting

Svenskar gör fetaste fickuret.
Roger Åberg – Tjock

A classic time-teller for the modern man.
Meghan Young – Trendhunter

  • Jeffrey Watts

    This is excellent! is there a kickstarter project started yet?

    • peoplepeople

      Jeffrey. The pocket watch will be launched as a collaboration with a watch brand so it won’t go through kickstarter.

      • Jeffrey Watts

        Is there a time frame for this project? (pun intended) Are you able to reveal which brand it will lanuch with?

        • peoplepeople

          hehe! current launch estimation is in the spring of 2014. We’ll out the collaboration shortly here on the blog.

          • Raoul

            Hope it will be one of the brands we represent in The Benelux!

          • Watchneedy

            I believe it is all a sham.

          • Watchneedy

            After, who design the body of a car then designs the mechanics that make it work.

          • Grant Burrow

            Hi – this is perfect but will it have a simple alarm?

  • Cesar Zeppini

    Hey, I would love to know when this is out. Please, let me know 🙂

    • peoplepeople

      Hi there. it should probably be out early next year.

      • well, now it is kind of “early next year” 😉

        any further details?

        • 🙂 Thanks for keeping a close eye! We are getting close, still some fine-tuning to be done.

          • Scott

            where are your all products sold? straight on this website or somewhere else?

          • Hi Scott, the plan is to sell it in 300 stores in Scandinavia and online globally. We will likely build something like
            In what country are you based?

          • Devin

            Hi Martin,

            Will you guys be producing a fairly large quantity, or will they be pretty limited at first release?

            I’m just curious because I’d love to get these for my groomsmen.

          • Hi, of course we hope for fairly large volume 😉

          • Wolbert

            Will it be available in The Netherlands?

          • We hope we can deliver to the entire EU via the webbshop however the details are to be finalized, so we can not give any guarantees at this time.

          • Monika

            Please include Estonia 🙂

          • Joan

            Hi. If it is out Spring time, when abouts is that? I want to give it my groom the day of my wedding.

          • Hi all, some bad news. The main reason for the delay is that we been looking at a thin enough clockwork motor that can still be strong enough push the relatively large hands around. Our production partners had some meetings in Bassel World (a watch trade show) last week to sort out this issue. We believe we have a solution for this but the next prototype will not be ready until May. This will push the release of the watch to after summer.

            @disqus_i1icJR7cat:disqus I hope your wedding will be great. I am getting married this summer so I know the feeling, I wanted it for my wedding as well!

          • Nikos

            any updates on the dates?

          • daniel

            Please put me down on the pre-order list.

          • Devin

            The suspense is killing me!!

  • Fletcher

    shut up and take my money!

  • Luke

    Take my money before March L.A.B. do……

  • Nick

    Where and for how much????

    • peoplepeople

      We would love to tell you if we could. But we will be able to in early next year.

  • Vitor Manuel Marques Cerqueira

    When does it come for sale, and price costs here in Portugal.

    • peoplepeople

      It should be out early next year

  • Frank

    nice look

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  • Amit

    Truly Classic! Congrats!
    I have my eye on this. When it rolls out in market; I’m getting this for Sure!!! 🙂

  • Anna G

    I would definitely get this for my boyfriend, but there’s no way it would be available in the US before christmas? Also, how can I sign up to be notified when it is on the market?

  • Pamela

    How much would It be if I asked to be made by December 15th? It’s my anniversary with me boyfriend and I’m leaving for college after so id like to have this as a gift for him. Please email me with a response

  • Sam Ahn

    plz make a version w a long chain so that it goes well w a blue jeans, hiphop n/or biker styles as well.

  • LA Ken

    Give me, give me, give me!!!

  • Andrew

    I love this. Simple and yet artistic. I am unsure how long the chain would be but would need to have enough length for jeans or jacket. Or have the option of multiple chains. I’ve been on the hunt for a simple open faced(not gold) pocket watch ever since my was stolen and this may be the one. Nize work!

  • 陳勁瑋

    I would like to order
    Will the price is how much??
    Can be sent abroad do??
    thank you.

  • Ade

    Hey PeoplePeople… Happy New Year! Any new news on this beautiful piece of design being released?

  • Sharon

    Hi…I really want to buy this to give to my future husband on our wedding in May. Any chance it will be on sale before then?

  • rich86

    Hi, any news on a release date for this watch. Looks amazing would definitely buy one.

  • eduardoo

    i want one nowwww when is it on the market!

  • rafael muci

    How soon until this is in production? What would be the retail price?

  • Orion

    No mention of the movement? Will this be a real watch or a cheap quartz movement albeit with great looks?

  • David

    Incredible! I’m really interested in buying but will it be available in Japan aswell? Also, is there any estimate of the price? Will it be affordable to the common people? (joke) ^^

  • Hmm

    I am worried that side setting/winding projection will constantly catch on pockets and linings. There is a good design reason why the classic pocket watch puts the winding/setting knob under/within the chain attachment loop.

  • mark robertson

    Any news? End of February? End of March? Quartz or Automatic? Very excited by such a beautiful and functional design.

  • Devin

    I’m getting the itch! Any new updates on this yet?? 🙂

  • Hunter Larco

    This looks wonderful, are there any updates regarding when this watch will be on the market? And if so, where would one perchase it online.

  • Florian ADAM

    It’s so amazing !! And I’d like to know when I can buy it … Do you also they you’ll can delivery in France ??
    And I’d like to add that your all work are very nice !! GREAT JOBBBBB 🙂

  • Paulo Korpys

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I just found the pocket watch I want! 🙂

    Can you tell me when it will be available?

  • Anonymous

    want it

  • Gl

    I’m very pay attention to it, who can tell me how to buy?

  • mrswoo

    I really like this but fear I may be dead before it becomes available to he general public. I think the chain looks much better than the leather strap which, if you use soft leather, will pull out of shape and ultimately tear and if you use hard leather it won’t be very malleable if you want to put it in your pocket or anywhere else for that matter..

    • Jamie

      Thanks for your opinion there Watson but I’m sure Sherlock has the matter all sewn up my dear boy

  • Barbara

    Hey people, has the watch come out yet? Any brand who sells it? I need it for my fiancee. Please let us know.

  • Laura

    Any word on how the prototype tested? I am dying to get this for my fiancé.

  • Simon

    Want one so bad after living without a watch for 10 years now!!!

  • Rasmus Brønsgaard

    So brilliant and awesome!! When can we expect to be able to buy this beauty? Thumbs up for all your great work!

  • Jan Roald Haugland

    Any updates, People People?

  • Leigh Adams

    Is this likely to be released prior to October 25th? I would love it as a Groom gift for the big day from my Fiancee.

  • louise

    When will this product e available? I really want to buy it!

  • R

    Updates, no matter how short is much appreciated!

  • Christian Bazzucchi

    it’s still unavalaible for purchase?

  • C

    Any update on when this will be available for sale online? I would love to buy for my husband for our one year anniversary, which is very soon. Please let me know! Thanks in advance!

  • We have been working hard to get this product done and our current production samples are looking great. We have partnered with scandinavian retailer and we are planing to make the pocket watch available for international pre-orders on our webshop in december and then ship the first watches in march.

    • Roland Classen

      It looks gorgeous! Do you allready know something about the price of this delicate time piece?

    • David Pomphret

      Martin, this is a beautiful item… I’ll keep an eye on your site.

    • Jung

      Any updates on production and availability?

  • Mike B

    Beautiful watch – looking forward to it becoming available. Just wondering – if the case is one piece, will it still be possible to access the movement should it require repair (or change the battery if it uses one)?

  • Lucas

    Hey, how long until it comes out?

  • Would love to own this watch! I only use pocket watches (also have a Georg Jensen Koppel pocket watch) Please advise when available.

    Med venlig hilsen,


  • Would love to own this watch! I only use pocket watches (aslo own a Georg Jensen Koppel pocket watch for formal wear). Please advise when available.

    Med venlig hilsen,


  • luke

    How much will it set me back.

  • Lucas

    I am VERY Interested! Please let me know when I can buy one…

    Thank you!


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  • Kamil Vacek

    Please put me down on the pre-order list.

  • The Pocket Watch Guy

    Interested in a fine antique or modern pocket watch for that sense of style and character visit for one

  • LL

    Any updates??? I would like to place an order for one!

  • Brazoul

    Still no news on production?

  • Le dude

    “Pre-order in december… start shipping in March”. This obviously does not still stand, but still; how long are you going to keep us hanging?

  • Liu Yang

    Hi, REALY, it’s amazing one. While, I try my best to find out the sale link, but I failed. Is there is any acesses for me in China? Also, HK is okay.

  • Sailor john

    Well this died a death!

  • Lucas


  • no updates?? This pocket watch looks awesome.. did you guys sort out the thing with the motor yet?

  • John Smythe

    Hello? Is this being manufactured? Will it ever be available for purchase?

  • Gökan A Demir

    How can ı buy this watch ?

  • King Lo

    Really appreciate how clean and solid the design is. Hope this project is still alive and active, have been waiting for this for quite some time.

  • yann

    Hello i love your watch can you delivery in france please?

  • E.F.

    I really want to get this watch.
    I’m waiting for you to make and sell this marverous watch for about 1 year
    and today, I found new pictures of this watch.

    Do you finally finish making them and start to sell them…?
    Please let me get this watch in the near future. I can’t forget this design since I saw it at the first time. I love it so much.
    The life is too long to accept a tacky watch.

  • Hi all, just wanted to shout out that the Axcent Pocket Watch is now (finally!) available with free global shipping at

    • Adrián

      Hi, I´m from Spain i bought one pocket watch ten days ago, i would want to know how long it takes to get to Madrid. Thanks

  • Štěpán Brázda

    Are the watches made from gears and all this mechanical stuff, or they are on bateryes and they are like some new type of modern watches with new machanical system ???

  • Charlie

    Hi, will it be available again?

  • Charlie

    Hi, will it be available again?

  • Romualdo

    Where to buy???

  • Ferdinand Ehni

    That´s a fantastic watch. Can I Buy it?