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The Power of Crowds

The Power of Crowds


We talked the other day about how it would be to live in the “Connected Society”. What would our lives look like when this prophecy slash buzzword becomes reality? We were on our way to our monday lunch gym session and talked about how our efforts at the gym would probably be needed somewhere else in the area, like lifting a piano up some stairs. If only our needs could be connected to someone else’s needs…

We think this is a very interesting opportunity with the so called Connected Society: the ability to crossbreed everybody’s needs in an area, and let people help each other out. We think we are currently in a kind of transition period into a society that could really be shifted from “big centralized service providers” into “crowd based service systems”. Here are some examples of this trend that is already happening:

My Ways

A service that connects anyone on the move in a city to deliver a package for somebody else and make some extra money. Basically a crowd based version of DHL.


Relay Rides

Person to person car rental service.



This awesome crowd based accommodation service is becoming competitive with the traditional hotel business.



Good old Swedish online market place. Been around since 1996.



Kickstarter connects designers (such as ourselves) directly to customers around the world, and enables crowd funded product development.



On demand ride sharing. We just love to see those pink mustache dressed cars driving around when we go to San Francisco.


The Power of Crowds

The examples above shows how both companies and customers can create value from being connected to each other, but in fact there are several other ways crowds can generate value. Take Apple as an example, their huge user base is a value in it self in the way it attracts 3rd party developers to their platform. As designers of today we find ourselves doing more and more design projects with our partner studio TOPP that among other things deal with extracting value from crowds. In the connected society we need to bridge the gap between people and companies, as well as the digital and the physical. Exciting times!