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The Shoes with a cause

The Shoes with a cause

The Shoes with a cause

The Problem

More “sustainable” shoes are often ugly, while nicer looking shoes are often bad for the environment. Also today customers tend to make short-sighted purchase decisions, not considering the end-of-life scenario of the goods. 

The Solution

People People designers have envisioned a stylish shoe made entirely out of vegetable-tanned leathers, that also has a long term durability feature under the sole.

Shoes with a cause by People People - Swedish Design


The leather used in almost all the shoes we buy is usually tanned in a toxic process that is not only bad for the environment, but directly harmful for people. People People were inspired by a report from Swedwatch, when creating this toxic free design.


Long Term Thinking

It’s sometimes hard as a consumer to stand in front of a shining new product in a purchase situation and imagine it as waste. People tend to be less inclined to repair their broken things, and the producing companies is not making it any easier. That’s why People People designers thought up this little “sustainable innovation”. Basically you get five discounted shoemaker repairs included in the purchase, and the shoemaker marks or burns a cross for each time.

Social Innovation Concept

As part of this offer, this shoe brand could also collaborate with the big number of “low prestige shoe shops” around Stockholm city. According to the Master Shoemaker Association in Sweden there is a big number of highly skilled shoemakers, often with an immigrant background, that could use such a system for obtaining a journeyman certificate, which usually means they could start charging more for their services. This is also a nice opportunity to create a personal bond to the person doing the repairs, your saviour when that sole starts to wear…




  • I think these look great. And the make story is crowd pleaser too. Are they out there to buy?

  • Hanna F-L

    Read about these in the latest edition of Kupé, do they exist for real? Would love to buy a pair!

  • Al Bundy

    Var finns de?

  • Mats-Eric

    I have the same question: Where can they be bought?

  • Patrik Nordell

    Where can i buy

  • Russia

    I want to buy too ! Where ?

  • outeirino

    Really nice shape shoes I’m interested in buy them also.

  • Lukas

    another sustainability factor: these shoes could be recycled and re-sold after a costumer doesn’t wear them anymore. The shoe maker/repair service could double as a storefront (online or physical) that resells returned shoes as “vintage” or worn in models