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The problem

More sustainable shoes are often ugly, while nice leather shoes are bad for the environment.

The solution

Make leather shoes more sustainable and gorgeous. The leather used for Shoes with a Cause is tanned through an old leather tanning process. Therefore they are made from beautifully crafted leather, while not being toxic in production.

Eco note

By using classic tanning methods, toxins can be removed from leather shoe making.

The Full Story

Shoes with a cause by People People - Swedish Design

Sustainable is too often ugly while harmful looks great!

More people than ever are trying to buy sustainable products. These products are too often perceived as less attractive.

If you try to buy leather shoes they are far from sustainable.

The leather is usually tanned in a toxic process that is not only bad for the environment, but directly harmful for people.

How did we solve the problems

Shoes with a Cause are produced with an old vegetable tanning process. It brings us leather that is just as beautiful as leather produced with toxic methods. To help your best looking shoes to live long they come with a shoe maker service. This does not only keep your shoes intact, but also lower their environmental impact.

Consequently, we set out to meet the following issues:

  1. How can we design of shoe that increase in value by being made from classic skills?
  2. How can we design attractive Shoes that are also more sustainable?
  3. How can we prevent someones favorite shoes to not be worn out too fast?

Gorgeous sustainability

Shoes with a cause are made to please both consumers and factory workers.

  • Paul Kemsley-Smith

    I think these look great. And the make story is crowd pleaser too. Are they out there to buy?

  • Hanna F-L

    Read about these in the latest edition of Kupé, do they exist for real? Would love to buy a pair!

  • Al Bundy

    Var finns de?

  • Mats-Eric

    I have the same question: Where can they be bought?

  • Patrik Nordell

    Where can i buy

  • Russia

    I want to buy too ! Where ?

  • outeirino

    Really nice shape shoes I’m interested in buy them also.

  • Lukas

    another sustainability factor: these shoes could be recycled and re-sold after a costumer doesn’t wear them anymore. The shoe maker/repair service could double as a storefront (online or physical) that resells returned shoes as “vintage” or worn in models