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The Water Kettle

The Water Kettle

The Water Kettle

The Problem

Tea, coffee and many hot drinks demand different temperatures to taste perfect – yet water kettles only stop at 100°C

The Solution

Allow all drinks to be perfect. The perfect cup of green tea is made at 70-80°C, kids drink tea at 35-40°C – at other times you need the water to boil. We solved this with a simple temperature control.

Eco Note

The longer before 100°C you prefer to stop heating, the more energy you’ll save.

The Full Story

You can be more kind on the environment by making a cup of tea more tasty

We examined consumer behaviours while boiling water, and we studied functions of current kettles. We found an interesting correlation. Most people prefer for instance green tea at 70°C, while Kettles go all the way to 100°C. At the same time, energy consumption is a water kettles largest impact on the environment. This is of course one of those moments when we get happy during research.

Most water kettles are also perceived as “not kitchen like”. Usually they are experienced as ordinary electronics.

Getting around the problems

Let’s start with the solution to the heating problem. We included a temperature control in the design to offer perfect drinks and to be more kind on the environment in one go.

water kettle temperature control by People People - Swedish Design

The glass container prevents you from pouring too much water, which saves you time and consumes less energy. If you boil a lot of water for many tea drinkers, the water stays warm longer thanks to the double glass Thermos.

Glass Container with thermos function by People People - Swedish Design

To make it fit a common kitchen environment, we we’re happy to use glass and ceramics in a simple, elegant execution.

The kettle on a table by People Peope - Swedish Design

Consequently, we set out to meet the following issues:

  1. How can we let people have better drinks and be more kind on the environment at the same time?
  2. How can we design a kettle that is experienced as fitting into a kitchen, rather than intruding a kitchen with something that feel like ordinary electronics.
  • alex

    where is it (and the other products) on sale / to buy?

    • Hi alex, the Kettle is not available yet unfortunately. But we are on it! Stay tuned!

      • Guys, it’s been 4 years now but seems like product is not going to be released 🙁 Hope I am wrong

        • Hi Kostya, yes, it has been a long time but there is hope. We are still looking to produce the kettle – perhaps as part of a series. We have a kickstarter campaign currently running for the Small Transparent Speaker so our focus is and has been there for a while. Sorry I can’t give you a more accurate answer but there is hope. Kind regards – Support

  • dinah

    Where is this water kettle sold?

    • Hi dinah! The Kettle is not available yet unfortunately. But we are on it! Stay tuned!

  • Hepplewhite Blanchette

    I want one great concept and greener too plus might reduce mouth cancer.

    • Hi Hepplewhite! That’s an interesting angle. How might it reduce mouth cancer? Can you expand a little?

  • Zul

    How much is the kettle and where can we buy it?

    • Hi Zul, the Kettle is not available yet unfortunately. But we are on it! 😉

  • Zul

    I hope it will be reasonably priced and more affordable than the Xen Kettle at indiegogo 🙂

  • Philipp

    Is it still not available?

  • Lisa

    Looks really nice! Two things:
    I think the top should match the bottom. If possible, also the cable. I just hate when you have bought a really nice looking kitchen device and then see that there is the standard black cable ttached on it. It ruins it a bit for me. Though I am not sure what these adjustments would do for the price.

  • lu

    I like the design, especially the large removable cover, allowing for easy refill and cleaning. But i would prefer the spiral either hidden, or at least wider and shorter, so that you can decrease the minimum amount of water needed, heat just single small cup.
    Also the regulation would be better placed on the base, so that you can safely operate the cattle around water when detached, as the Catler cattle does f.e.

    • nociam

      I agree about the spiral element. It is much easier to clean if the element is in the base, as lime-y water deposits will gather on the metal. I wish that the lid would not be plastic – it would be possible in glass and would make this a plastic free kettle that is so hard to find. One other comment – I think that its incorrect to say that baby formula should be heated to 40 degrees – presumably the water should be boiled first to kill bacteria and allowed to cool. Good luck!

  • Steffen

    I don’t know if you guys are aware of that Wilfa makes something very similar to this, this is just better looking.

  • Marianne

    i really like the kettle. i’m searching already for two years to find a proper (also little) kettle. Now i’ve found it. When will it be taken in production?

  • Oleg Vedernikov

    i am waiting this product too. i do not saw anything better.