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The Yin and Yang of Creativity and Rationality

The Yin and Yang of Creativity and Rationality

“To proceed with ideas because they are regarded as the most creative ones might not be the most solid way to bring you successful products”

Since People People is in the business of creative thinking, the statement above might sound a bit odd to you. Ideas are often continued when regarded as the most creative ones. Here’s why we think this can be a risk and how we suggest to avoid it.

We all know that creativity is what help us challenge the status quo and take greater leaps. The risk with proceeding with an idea because it is seen as highly creative is that it might just bring you a great leap – not necessarily what is the best. These ideas are not always the same thing as what will be most attractive for your customers, it might not be what will bring most impact to your marketing campaign or become a product that simply look the best in the eyes of your target group.

Our recommendation is a process that acknowledges creative tools for generating ideas and tools for rationality for deciding on ideas. It might sound obvious. But in the competative climate of any market where differentiation and “newness” is frequently asked for, it’s easy to be seduced by the greatest leap – even if it might not be the best way to success.

As a team it’s often easier to identify ideas that bring most differentiation, compared to those that are actually the best. “Different” is instantly obvious to anyone, while “Best” will not be visible without a deeper understanding of consumer needs, brand insights, cycles of certain trends, psychological dynamics, production restrictions etc.

It is really easy to reach a mutual understanding of the greatest leap-ideas and therefore proceed with them. But if one wants what is best, one might have to accept the complexity of good rational for decision making, because “Best” may or may not be the greatest leap.