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The challenge

Home electronics often clash with the interior decoration in people’s living rooms.

The solution

Let it blend in. Due to the transparency of the glass-based design the speaker easily blends into any living room out there. It is physically big enough to provide great sound quality – yet it only takes up a limited amount of visual space. Compatible with any wireless technology (it even has space and power out for an Airport Express in the back) this speaker plays your music without cables directly from any device or software.

Eco note

The speaker also comes as a kit, without the glass panels. This option is reducing the need for shipping by 50%. All the components can be replaced and / or recycled when or if they break. Users never have to discard the whole product, making it last for a very, very long time.

The full story

How home electronics should be


The People People Speaker is realised entirely according to our philosophy – that “the manufacturing of products that has a proven demand is significantly more sustainable – environmentally as well as economically.” Basically, we pinpointed the need for it before we created it! And it turned out that the need for home electronics that are user friendly, future proof and that don’t clash with the rest of the interior decoration, stretches far beyond Scandinavia. After we showed the design for it on our blog in November 2011, the People People Speaker has taken us on an exciting journey. Among other things it has been portrayed at the CES show in Vegas, California.

Getting around the problem

Electronics and home interior are rarely a perfect match made in interior decoration heaven. A heavy TV on top of a vintage cupboard or an endless stack of cables on a costume made Italian parquet floor just doesn’t go hand in hand. Surely, the electronics can in some cases be built into, and hidden inside, the walls. But that’s an expensive hassle.

Consequently, we set out to meet the following issues:

  1. How can we let the music equipment blend in and still be perceived as high tech that doesn’t look embarrassingly ugly?
  2. People keep their music in many different digital places. How can we allow people to play it without hassle or cables?
  3. Electronic waste is a huge environmental problem. How do we design something that has as little impact on the environment as possible?

A living room friendly solution.

With killer sound. Due to the transparency of the glass-based design The People People Speaker easily blends into any living room out there. It is physically large enough to provide a sufficient quality of sound – yet it only takes up a limited amount of visual space. The box itself is transparent and the sound producing components are at the centre of attention.

Newsletter about the Transparent Speaker

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  • henrik

    lovely, let me know when it kickstarts!

  • mylex

    Great. Keep us updated!

  • Johan

    This is a dumb idea sell a speaker without the box. Then have people try to find a glass supplier. Then when they try to put it together they cut themselves badly. Not to mention the fact that this will never work well as a speaker.

    • Per Brickstad

      Hi Johan, apologies for the late reaction, but I just wanted to say the speaker comes as a fully assembled product as well. Also, it really sounds great.

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  • fs

    “A heavy TV on top of a vintage cupboard or an endless stack of cables on a *custom* made Italian parquet floor just doesn’t go hand in hand.”

  • Jasper

    there’s a good reason why speaker cabinets are made of wood…

    • Per Brickstad

      Hi Jasper, I actually think we might have some acoustical advantages from using glass. Check out this review:

    • David

      No reason at all
      Other materials were difficult to handle decades ago. Is not uncommon to find designer speakers made of glass, steel pipes, concrete or cardboard ( MDF ). If the acoustical/mechanical behavior of the enclosure material is known, it can be fine tuned to achieve great performance.

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  • Abrikosmanden

    Glass speakers have previousle been proved to work well if designed properly. I can’t wait to see the production version of this!

  • Andrew Somerville

    I think it would sound alright if you stuffed a piece of foam inside, but it would ruin the transparent look. An empty box, regardless of what it’s made of, tends to make a poor speaker cabinet. You need to dampen the resonance of the air inside or you start to get interference. Beyond that, people use wood for a couple of reasons: it’s cheap, and it also has sound dampening properties.

  • phil

    100 years of efficient speakerbox research down the drain.

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  • smartiesmart

    I will get the DIY kit rightaway once it ships.

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  • Mark Rowland Lloyd

    Its called a window.

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  • Sean

    Is there a demo version of the speaker in London uk. I would really like to buy this speaker but would like to listen to it in action. Would you also provide drawings for the cuts on the glass
    Thank you in advance

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  • Commentator Commentator

    Those wingnuts look real beautiful…NOT!!!
    Silly idea and nothing new either.. best that can be said it that it’s a good use of a discarded fishtank

  • Henrik Hoffman

    Sjukt snygga!

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  • pia

    Don’t you think it’s time for an update about the delivery date for the transparent speaker for the people who are backing on kickstarter?!!
    It ist almost mid of June and you leave Emails questioning about the delivery date unanswered. I really support your project, but this starts to get annoying!

    • Luke

      I agree!

  • Jonas Stensved

    This thread need a positive spark. I think it’s amazing. Great job, can’t wait to both see it and hear it!

  • Ivan Bezrodny


  • thegibbon

    Meh.. it will suffer from serious resonance issuses,,, there is good reason why they use sound treatment in side speakers to prevent thus from happening. Also the wires looks really messy not great design considering you are a design agency… It looks pretty tho… does it come with fish option??

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  • ed

    can u access to it from above?

  • mijael seidel

    I preordered my Transparent Speaker back in June 2013, and never got the product, got lied about release dates in September because of “production issues” and that’s why I patiently kept waiting for this “Upcoming revolutionary product”…then they stopped answering my emails and never got a shipment notice or any answers to my requests after October. Now I can’t complain w Paypal or ask for a refund because my controversy exceeds the grace period between the time of purchase and my official complain (45 days). This is nothing but a F*****g scam!

  • Pronati Biswas

    Hi I am from India and I write blogs .. I find the transparent speakers very cool & elegant at the same time. I really appreciate the idea. There are few technical things that I would like to know. First- are they active speakers? Second- What if I want to add more speakers to it? Third- The type of speaker encloser is- acoustic suspension(without port) or bass reflex(with port)? Fourth- what other connectivity I have apart from WiFi? Fifth – I have always known that glass is the biggest enemy of sound, what best glass do here? Sixth- the price for the same.

  • Sartre

    I received mine today and it is amazing. the sound is polished and pure, and the look is elegant and stylish. It is larger than I expected, and heavy. But it’s a wonderful investment.

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  • kugs22

    I’m stunned this ever got kickbacker funding, the blessings of Danko Suvar of Croatia notwithstanding. No technical testing, wing nuts (yeah, wing nuts) and disorderly red wire in an “invisible” speaker? With a big “TRANSPARENT SPEAKER” logo on the “visible” part? What? They custom make the faceplate for you to say “Granpa”?? What? And the drivers are…are…some sort of full range thingies that crossover at 120 Hz? Why would anyone want this “invisible” thing that looks like it was the loser in a banger motorcross event?

  • Bent

    How much does the kit weight?

  • nan

    I love my transparent speaker, but one question. I also have SONOS in the rest of the house. Is there a way to play both at the same time?

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  • crlos_cstillo

    Really impressive. Does it cause lag in any way? Would it be suitable for live acts?

  • eibrad vera

    Hello friend I am very interested but I live in Mexico can be sent to my location. I hope your comment thanks

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