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More Shabby than Chic

More Shabby than Chic

Good old chair

Nowadays people are looking for The Real Thing. We want genuine and robust stuff that last forever, or at least looks like they already have. On this very day of writing we have 1076 items on sale named “Shabby Chic” at the Swedish online sales market Blocket. They are everywhere these constructed antiques, the white painted worn out furniture and other “wannabe antiques”.

So why do we like old stuff? I have listed some of the reasons in my mind:
1. They tell a story. It doesn’t necessarily say what it has lived through, but the fact that it has been through a lot wins our respect.
2. Quality. Something that has lasted a long time is more likely to keep lasting compared to something that was made this morning.
3. Imperfection is human. Who loves a too polished surface? It’s those little glitches that adds personality and makes us relate.

The problem with the Shabby Chicism is that it’s fake. It’s not really old at all and doesn’t have any stories to tell, only lies.

Good Old Chair

We have created a chair that is a reaction to the hypocrisy, and an answer to our need for real, genuine stuff. This chair is made out of a hundred layers of thin wood. In normal usage, it will wear out one layer every year, revealing the growth rings in a similar way that a tree shows its age. When the chair seat has been worn all the way through, it will be a hundred years old. This age is what usually defines something as an antique.

Good Old chair ageing

Good Old chair when antique

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