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“Want tos” vs “Have tos”

“Want tos” vs “Have tos”

What you want to do is not always the same as what you have to do. So many products around us demand us to do things before we get to what we want to do. Getting rid of what you have to do and bring users closer to what they want to do is a great way to make your next products more appealing and user friendly.

Here’s a very simple exercise you can do to analyse your own products to separate the “want tos” from the “have tos”. When you have done the exercise its easier for you to see how you can improve your user experience.

Use a two column list. One list for what users want to do on one for what they have to do.


Then you select a product or function that you want to provoke an fill in all the steps a user has to go through. Here’s an example of how you get a good photo shared on instagram.


When the list is filled out you can get creative around how to keep the want tos and remove the have tos in your next products.