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Watty Smart Energy Product

Watty Smart Energy Product

Watty Smart Energy Product

The Problem

People have little knowledge about their energy usage patterns. This leads to a lack of control, a waste of money and of resources. 

The Solution

Watty collects and analyses your energy usage, and presents to you what happens in your home – both in real time and over time. This way you will be able to understand and adapt accordingly. It can be things in the moment like “oops the stove is still on at home”. But in the long run, by highlighting wasteful behaviors Watty will also help reduce your energy bill by around 30%.

Eco Note

This is a classic win-win situation. When cutting down on your energy usage your’e not only saving money.

The Full Story

Watty is a Stockholm based startup that currently is getting heaps of attention for their energy monitoring technology. Following the success-stories of companies like Nest it is becoming clear for everyone that the connected home is coming, and that energy usage is a key area to adress. People People have for a long time wanted to be part of this change, but our workshops and meetings with the energy giants of Sweden have to this day not led to any results worth mentioning. Therefore we were happy when Watty approached us and asked us to do their industrial design.

“In five years time it will be a no-brainer that the energy data of every facility, building and home is used to manage energy spending.  At Watty we are building great tools to do just that.” – Hjalmar Nilsonne, CEO at Watty

Watty is a combination of a clever hardware that uses it’s “eye” to read, recognize and report what energy related activities is happening in your home. You get all data neatly presented to you through your smartphone app. Watty can distinguish between activities, and therefore present the infographics to you in a format you for the first time can relate to (compared to for example your energy bill).

The Design

The starting point for the design meant getting down to the core of Wattys’ customer offering. It’s essentially letting you live in a smart home, way before our cities have reached that standard. It’s kind of doing what other small electric home appliances should do, but ahead of its time. Our design ambition could thus be formulated as: “the next generation of the little white box on your wall or in your cupboard”. The design should belong but take a clear step forward.

We believe that companies should only make great products. And great products deserve a great design. Too many little “boxes” are not taken care of properly in the design phase, but end up like something you just have to put up with in the end. You need a fire alarm / heat controller / etc. at home and have no choice but to accept the poorly designed options. We wanted to take a stand against this trend, and have designed the Watty housing in CNC milled Corian; a composite material with properties like plastic, but a solid feeling of ceramic goods. Therefore both suitable as an electronic device and a device fit for homes.

We also realized that the “eye” is important, and should be proudly exposed. In stead of treating the cable and eye  as “something necessary out of the back”, we chose to make a proper feature out of it, with an adjustable arm coming out right in the front of the product.

The app has been designed by our talented friends at Oystr.

Meet Watty

On April 8th Watty will be exhibiting at Sweden’s #1 startup event Stingday. We are excited about what this technology can do for consumers, property owners and society in general. Expect to see more of this company soon!

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    Cool 🙂 I think you got the date wrong for Stingday – should be May, not April.