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When do you need design?

When do you need design?

When do you need design? What should you expect a good designer to deliver? Is it great looking products? Is it useability? Is it finding the right functionality? Something else?

There are of course as many different variations of designers as there are different kinds of business people. We can’t answer for all designers but we can answer for what we deliver – or perhaps what our responsibility is in a product development project. The short answer is making sure a product, service or eco system of products are desirable for people. Everything related to that can be a part of how we create magic. It can be making a product look right for a lifestyle, feeling right in the hand, choice of functions, how to interact, or even to identify what products or services should be developed in the first place. Whatever is necessary to make people go: Wow – I really want that.

Great designers also know how to design for production capabilities, budgets, brands and a whole bunch of other things that is necessary for a product or service to even come alive in the first place. Sometimes projects will of course only include parts of all the potential things we can do, but perhaps this quick breakdown will help you or someone else to know what is possible to ask for.

So – when do you need design? If you believe that your product or service should be very desirable for your customers; it’s time to talk with the right designers.