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You the razor brand

You the razor brand

You the razor brand

The problem

Most razors are designed like speed cars or colourful toys, while shaving is seen as a peaceful ritual.

The solution

A razor that fit a peaceful moment rather than a Racetrack or Kindergarten. The You razor is nicely sculptured in simple lines. With a clean, white colour it takes a natural place in a moment of peace.

Eco note

With the use of a mechanical vibrator, we designed a vibrating razor that doesn’t need batteries and never needs to be charged.

The Full Story

The You Razor - People People Swedish Industrial Design

Razors don’t race! And people care about quality and hygiene. “A calm ritual”. Many describe our shaving moments like this. Why then are most razors perceived as either running at 300 km/h or a Turquoise Toy.

Many place razor “blades down” on the sink. It would be more hygienic if the blades never touched anything else than your skin.

People tend to like a vibrator in the razor; but they feel weird about bringing something with batteries into the shower.

Razorheads could be made from materials that can be recycled without losing quality. This is of course if they are recycled at all.

How did we solve the problems

With a minimalistic shape and with a clean, white colour, it takes a natural place in a calm ritual. A simple knob under the razor shaft allow people to place the razor “blades down” while the blades never actually touch the sink.

Small detail help the razor not touch a dirty surface - people people swedish industrial design

With the use of a mechanical vibrator, we designed a vibrating razor that doesn’t need batteries and never needs to be charged.

Mechanical spring for vibration. You never need batteries - People People Swedish Industrial Design

By designing for up-cyclable materials and a recycling system that is desirable to use, the You razors can take a nice step towards a more sustainable future.

Service for Recycling Blades - People People Swedish Industrial Design

Consequently, we set out to meet the following issues:

  1. How can a vibrator be made without the use of electricity?
  2. What aesthetics are welcomed in a calm bathroom ritual?
  3. How can we prevent the blades from getting dirty without telling people to change?
  4. How can a take back system be attractive to use?
  5. What does products for a take back system need to be like?

Gorgeous sustainability

You is designed to take care of you. Both to fit your peaceful moment and to give you a great shave.

  • André V.

    Hi, I would just love to know how to get a hold on one of these fine razors? (I should add that I live in Copenhagen.)

  • Scruffy


  • Jack Hokanson

    “shut up and take my money”. must have missed something – don’t have a clue what you mean…

  • vik

    Love all your products but is there any chance these will actually get made?
    Or is this one of those sites which just show concepts?

  • Pm

    An old straight razor is the best answer for any “sustainable” shaving. No blade replacing at all.

  • Berg

    I like it. I read an article recently in Next Nature’s magazine/book which talks about the evolution of razors and how they are, as ye have said, designed as if they are race cars. Also, Gillette claim that each new one gives you a closer shave since they have added another blade to the razor, where in fact a razor with two blades (like this one) will do the job just as well!

    You can catch the article here if interested:

  • Dan

    I think u guys miss out that we have wet hands when shaving… arn’t u going to at least use a non slippery material or add some texture for outer casing??