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Your Home Is Being Invaded By Little Spaceships!

Your Home Is Being Invaded By Little Spaceships!

Space Invaders by People People Swedish Design

For everyone not involved in product design (which is most of you out there) this might not be so obvious, and the reasons for it unknown. For some designers however, such as ourselves, this is nothing but a growing global crisis.

We want to ask the open question: Why should things that belong in our homes, look like they belong in space?

After working for many years in product design and product development, we have realized some of the forces behind this invasion. The main reason might sound a bit crude, but we are pretty sure that the spaceship-design-shapes happen because many designers think they are more fun to sketch. And since it has been like this for a long time, people in product development teams accept it as normal, and continue to approve of these kind of aesthetics. The industry continues to be male dominated (a problem of it’s own), and what is the most common object in these guys sketchbooks? Cars. These guys love to design vacuum cleaners because they have wheels and resemble cars, and they end up looking like they do 1-100km/h in less than 10 seconds, when the preferred home context in fact is calm and cozy.

We think this approach leads to less desired products that gets hidden in cupboards and thrown away faster, and we would like to suggest a way to change this. To stop the invasion!

We suggest people all over the world working in product development to ask oneself four important questions:

1. Is this going to be desired by the customer?
2. What works in the context of usage?
3. What is the right aesthetics for a certain products function?
4. How not to add to all those huge landfills of garbage.

And we would all live in peace.

PS. Here’s one example we made of a non spaceship looking electric kettle.